Givenchy Prismissime Eyes

Posted 5 March 2007 by iwanttobechio
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Giv modelPrismissime Eyes – 9-Colors Eyeshadow

What it is:
Just like an artist’s palette, Prismissime Eyes is filled with nine bright and intense shadows in matte and metallic textures.Givenchy 9 Eyes

The model’s eyes look very challenging to reproduce, but if this palette can do this, I’m game!


Shu Uemura Natural Glow Finish

Posted 5 March 2007 by iwanttobechio
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Shu Natural 1Ooooh….! I love Shu Uemura powder foundations and this is SOOO cool!! I found this on the Japanese website. It’s black (A Shu first!). It’s natural. It’s powder (oh how we all love powders. Liquids melt right off here in humidapore). And most importantly, it’s got the original Shu Uemura logo. No funny fat funky logo which they were trying out a couple years back. So glad that didn’t work out.

Shu Natural 2Ok. I’ve tried the original Shu Velvety Perfect powder and I must say it’s really a wonderful product. The powder is so smooth and fine it glides on like a second skin. And it doesn’t clog pores like the M.A.C ones.

I hope this comes to Singapore. This is on my definitely will buy list.

Guerlain 2007 Spring Colours

Posted 21 February 2007 by iwanttobechio
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Guerlain Spring 2007We seldom see such great visuals from Guerlain. The model looks like a cross between that Kose half ang mo model and some other classier ysl face. But overall, Guerlain has pulled off the look well. Her hair is great. There are no blood shot eyes (Cosme 2 months ago – what were they thinking!) and nothing appears terribly wrong. But this too borders on boring. I still love the androgyny of the Shu Uemura chick that my boyfriend kept insisting was a guy.

Speaking the obvious, this Colour Collection looks more Fall than  Spring. But oh that lipgloss… magnificient texture. Skin – boring. Eyes – normal. But the lips… it’s so hard to miss. We all want lips like this. And to achieve this look, I (and Guerlain) recommend KISS KISS gloss in that exact shade the model’s wearing. Find it and it’s a keeper.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm

Posted 11 February 2007 by iwanttobechio
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Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a seriously great lip balm. I have friends who swear by this. It soothes chapped lips, provides extended hydration, and has SPF 4!

What’s even better are the coloured lip balms with SPF 15. I recommend buying all shades. You can never have enough lip protection.

Both products contain cotton seed oil as a softener, Squalane (a moisturising oil derived from the olive) as a moisturising agent, and vitamin E for its antioxidant and moisturising properties.

Beauty on

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Her World should really update the beauty section on their website. Heck, they should update the WHOLE website. Christmas was 49 days ago. Outdated

Chanel Allure Sensuelle

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Allure Sensuelle Allure Sensuelle
A Soft Oriental Floral that is more suggestive than overt, heightening a natural sensuality and casting a spell of intrigue. A more sensual and intimate interpretation of the ALLURE fragrance. Warm, voluptuous and mysterious…and yet luminous and airy.


I like the smell. The bottle. The brand.

The Perfect Brow

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This is truly the perfect brow. Learn.